You Know You Are Getting Old When….Part 3

I honestly have no problem with ageing. Im cool with it. It doesn’t bother me one bit. I do sound a bit like I am trying to convince myself here, but I am not – honestly!

Yesterday I heard an A Level student refer to “my generation” during her interview with Steve Lamac on 6 Music, and it got me thinking – when was the last time I used the phrase “my generation”?

The answer is many, many years ago. Probably when I was a student. I guess it must be something that young people say. Like YOLO or something.

To me the term “my generation” is the feeling that you are part of a movement, in it together and can relate to each others situations.

Most teenagers and young adults are probably still living at home, are students, entering the world of work and experiencing many things for the first time. So their peers can relate to them.

But then, inevitably lives will take different paths, and generally as you get older you tend to get more guarded. You no longer relate to a lot of your peer group. And to the next generation of teens and YA’s, no matter if you are in your mid to late 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s or 60’s etc, you are just classed as “old” rather than part of something. Or rather part of “my generation”.

Anyways thats enough of my rambling. Who else has The Who stuck in their head now? Or is it just me?

As I said, I couldn’t give a flying one about being older. But recently some age related little moments have made me chuckle and spurred me on to do another little YKYAGOW post!

Part 1 is here and part 2 is here if you are interested.

  • A 18 year old asked me if I had heard of MDMA. Because drugs are a new thing, that were not around when I was 18 obviously!
  • I was talking to my 21 year old work colleague about music and I told her that I used to go to a little indie nightclub in our town (that closed down circa 2003) back in the day. She replied “oh, my Dad used to go there”. Aaagggghhhh!
  • I was in the bank the other day when the over friendly girl behind the counter (who was trying to sell me everything under the sun while I was just trying to pay some money in) said to me “I like your bag. Where did you get it from?” I told her the answer and she replied “thanks, I have been looking for one just like that for my Mum”. Hhrrump! And she was not that much younger than me as she looked like she was in her late twenties. Thanks love!
  • I found myself nodding in agreement to quite a few of the things on this Thought Catalog article. Point number 13 explains my new found interest in cycling I guess!

4 thoughts on “You Know You Are Getting Old When….Part 3

  1. Yes I hear “my generation” a lot from my son who is almost 16, usually when he’s trying to convince me not to worry about something he wants to do! 🙂
    You’re probably correct, I also think you often hear people in their sixties older talk about their generation when they’re being all nostalgic

    Nodding along too your previous lists too!

    1. I forgot about the oldies saying things like “my generation never had all this technology” etc and thinking that they know better etc!

      Its probably something that I will end up doing too, when I am old and in my rocking chair in my nursing home, saying things like “you youngsters never had it so good!” Im halfway there already! x

  2. When you teach teenagers you get used to being treated like An Old. My kids are always horrified when they see me in town dressed like a ‘normal’ person (usually in similar clothes to them because I haven’t got a handle on dressing my age): like I’m meant to live in the supply cupboard at school and only wear sacks.

    1. I can only imagine what its like spending all day long with teenagers!

      The thing is when I was that age, I never could see myself in my thirties. I guess you just live for the moment and don’t think too far ahead as a kid. Now, I often wonder about what my life will be like in 30 years time, if I am lucky enough to reach my 60’s, of course.

      I hope that I will still be dressing a bit scruffy and going to festivals and gigs etc. Maybe I will be just going to some of those ‘best of the 90’s indie’ type events at Butlins catered for my age group (future OAP’s)? Who knows!

      It makes you want to tell the teenyboppers how quickly time passes etc. Not that they would listen to us olds of course!

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