You Know You Are Getting Old When…..Part 2

I feel like this post needs a sequel. Who knows, YKYAGOW…. could become a regular feature on here. I have plenty to say on the subject!

I will admit #2 did happen to me when I was on holiday in Barcelona a few years ago.*
I recalled the story to a former colleague (who was in his very early twenties) expecting him to laugh……..Nope! The look of pity in his eyes as he said “oh Helen” still haunts me!

The rest of this list *cough* may or may not apply to me.

  • All of a sudden (some) men with grey hair seem more attractive. Cue some weird crushes.
  • You get ignored by the people who hand out club flyer’s.
  • You know you will never be able to walk in heels, so stopped buying them years ago.
  • Former school friends who you are friends with on Facebook, are friends with their children on Facebook.
  • You fully understand why its called “beauty sleep”.

*I blame Rob. He is older than me. I only look about 19. Honest.

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