Some More Moving Talk! I Promise This Will Be The Last Post!

We have exchanged contracts and we are now officially moving to North Devon! Whoop!

So when are you moving? I hear you ask. Welp, we are moving only blooming moving on Friday the 13th of May!!

Due to work commitments, that was the best date for us. Unfortunately it buggers up my plans to visit my family on the Isle of Wight the following week for my birthday – because we cannot leave the cat on her own in a strange house with just a litter tray for company! But right now, I am just grateful that we finally have a date.

And no, I do not think that moving on Friday the 13th is unlucky. Its an old wives tale and I am not superstitious at all….Nope, not at all!*

Anyway, I thought I would waffle on a bit more about why we are moving and talk about the new house and I promise that this will be my last post about moving. Honest!

Its funny really, this time last year we were pretty settled in our house and we were still making future plans around it. But then, life has a funny way of  proving you wrong!

After our holiday last August we fell hook line and sinker for North Devon and the lifestyle it offered. Ok, we were on holiday, so of course we felt more relaxed. But all the while we were away, a fair degree of normal life went on because we still had to work (Rob is self employed and runs a business, so he has to be available 24/7 and I had to do a few things online), do food shops, cook and exercise etc. But what a place to do it all in! North Devon is a beaut, offering acres of National Trust protected land, stunning beaches and plenty of outdoor pursuits. We just couldn’t get the area out of our heads!

In January this year, spurred on by the families decision to move away, we decided to just go for it. Our decision to move is probably the most impulsive thing that we have ever done, but it just feels like the right thing to do at this stage of our lives. We have been back to the area a few times since last August and have researched the hell out of it online (Rob was #obsessed at one point!) so we will not be going in completely blind. Slightly blind, but not completely blind!!!

One of our biggest goals from this move was to release some of the equity from our house, buying a cheaper place (downsizing a little) in order to purchase one of those fancy garden offices for Rob. After 10 years of him working from home, its now time for a better work/life balance and to separate work from home. Sometimes Rob does not leave the house for days, so just stepping out of the back door into the garden would make a huge difference. Plus he needs to be able to switch off at the end of the day.

We did indeed find a house at the right price, in our preferred location that met our requirements (i.e it was nice and within our budget – we are not that fussy TBH!) The house needed a new kitchen, bathroom and decorating through out, but we were expecting that with our budget and were prepared to do it all over again. Plus it had solar panels! The inner hippie in me was so excited about having solar panels and lower energy bills!! But unfortunately, after accepting our offer, a few weeks later the home owners took their house off the market and we had to find another place.

I know and fully understand their reasons for doing so and its not my place to discuss why on here. Needless to say we were a bit gutted that we had lost that house and had to find another.

So we rushed back down to Devon to find another place, as we were really worried about losing our buyers, and we ended up having a second viewing of a house that we had previously dismissed as it was at the top of our price range. On the second viewing we knew that it was the one. Its a three bedroom house with a garage and in a nice part of the village we wanted. The house doesn’t have solar panels, nor will we have any money freed up to buy a garden office, so Rob will continue working from a bedroom. But it doesn’t need any work done to it.

And I cannot tell you enough how pleased I am that it doesn’t need any work done to it!!

It is not 100% to our taste, but we can live with it. In time we will make subtle changes like changing wall colours and the tiles in the kitchen etc. But for now, we can just move straight in and get on with things. It is such a relief being able to move to a new area and to concentrate on settling in, making new friends (I hope!) and getting on with our lives.

Rob is brilliant at DIY and we have done a good job fixing up this house (if I say so myself!) but our current house has been such a chore to fix up. Its so hard to find the energy and enthusiasm to decorate when we work long hours. In our first house we enjoyed doing the decorating, going to Ikea and feeling like grown ups in DIY stores, but the novelty soon wore off for our second house! These days we want to spend our money and precious spare time doing more fun things like surfing, cycling and camping trips, not decorating!

The new house is smaller than our current house, but we are not bothered about that. Plus we have managed to transfer our current mortgage over, so we haven’t had to borrow any more money for it!** It is a 1960’s/1970’s house on a small estate, with nice big windows (which was on my wish list as I wanted a nice light and airy place), lots of storage, a smaller garden and IT DOESN’T NEED ANY WORK!!!!

In a few weeks I will share some photos and our future plans for it. I also hope to do lots of posts about exploring our new area. But who knows though as photography is not my forte and I am a lazy blogger!

Gah its so photogenic here #pleasecanimovehere

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*TBH I have never had anything bad happen on a Friday the 13th. So I do not give a **** about the date! What’s the worst that could happen? We break down on route and the cat pees herself in her carrier in the car? Been there done that! It happened last time we moved, no biggie!

**A life goal of ours is to pay off the mortgage early. I don’t know if we will be able to, but not increasing it and keeping our monthly outgoings the same is a step in the right direction. And blimey, am I adulting hard lately talking about this kind of stuff on my blog or what?!!!

4 thoughts on “Some More Moving Talk! I Promise This Will Be The Last Post!

  1. Exciting!!!! Best of luck with the move, I hope it all goes smoothly and your new life in Devon is everything you hope it will be. Looking forward to seeing pics of the house!

    1. Thank you! I really hope that I do not get homesick and start pining for Kent! Although its so beautiful down there, I will be a fool if I do!!! x

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