Bless Rob, sometimes he suggests things I should blog about. While its nice to have his encouragement with this project, most of his ideas I say “nah” to.

He suggested me doing a post about how much I enjoyed cleaning the dust and cobwebs off my light shades and top of the door frames the other day. So satisfying! But…”nah – boring”.

Then he suggested doing a post about a issue we had with B&Q and customer service. “Nah – boring” I said. Then reminded him about how this is a lighthearted thing, I just want to blog about decorating the house and recipes (topics so far of which make up the least amount of content on this blog!)

I also would like this blog to be a record (a heavily edited version no less) of my life at the moment. I know how much I enjoy reading about, and having a glimpse of others bloggers lives. I love all the details no matter how big or small or mundane. What can I say, I am just incredibly nosey!

So readers, remember that bit about all the mundane details, how funny and fascinating they are to read etc, before you go on any further please!

Here is a photo of what Rob suggested I should write about!

While we are still finishing up Project New Kitchen. I now have a nearly full and functioning kitchen with a fridge in it (as opposed to in the lounge) and everything! Its great! We also now have the dishwasher plumbed in, and this is the result of the second time I have used it! Whoopsie!

Yep I managed to ruin these storage boxes we picked up in Ikea with the plans to keep my spices in them.

I’ve never had a dishwasher before and this is the second time I have ever used one. I just popped them in it to fill it up to capacity and to give them a rinse, as its still project clean up DIY dust here at the moment. Now I know not everything is suitable for the dishwasher!

Do they remind you of something? Hmmm?

Image from realitybitesartblog

2 thoughts on “Whoopsie!

  1. oh no! yes i wasn’t used to dishwashers before i moved into my flat, you also have to beware of things like mugs with pictures on them that aren’t dishwasher safe, and we had a nice blue colander which the paint started coming off when put in the dishwasher, oops!

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