Our Next Move?

I mentioned in a previous post that Rob and I are thinking about moving.

Potentially moving has been the top topic of conversation between us for many months now, and we are almost 100% certain that we want to do it. Its just a question of if and when really.

If we can afford to do it. If can we sell our house. And if we can find a house that meets our requirements within our price range.

And if we have the balls to go ahead and actually do it of course, because we want to move to a different part of the country that we have only visited and we know no one!

So why would we want to do that? Because after all our lives here in Kent are comfortable and reasonably secure, we have a nice house that we have nearly finished decorating and, most importantly, both of our families live nearby.

But that is all about to change. This year my Dad retired (early – the lucky bugger) and because my Mum no longer works either, as she had to leave her job a few years back to care full time for my Nan, they are both footloose and fancy free and craving a slower paced life and a nice bungalow.

The parents have their house up for sale now and are almost 100% certain that they will be moving to the Isle of Wight. And it looks like my sister and her family (who rent a house around the corner from me) will also be joining them in moving to the island (although BIL is all for it, my sister is still undecided and she gets the final say!)

So yeah, next year will bring some huge changes. I have been a bit Debbie Downer of late at the thought of not seeing my family so much and not having them close by, because that is all that I have known really. But I appreciate that I am lucky to have both of my parents still here and how close I am to my family. And if this will make them happier, then I want them to do it.

I guess you are wondering if Rob and I will also be moving to the Isle of Wight now? After all, it would make perfect sense because properties are cheaper there and self employed Rob can work from anywhere with high speed broadband, right?

Sadly, we are not because neither of us want to live on the island. I wish I did, but I don’t. It is a lovely place, but not for us. It is too cut off and I would be bored of the place within months (as I love exploring the UK in our camper van and a I need a regular change of scenery to balance my equilibrium) because the Isle of Wight is a tiny place that only takes 25 minutes to drive from one side to the other.

So with no family nearby, I have no real ties to the town that I live in. In the last five years or so our town has got so busy. More people have moved here (god knows why?) and the traffic is a nightmare. New housing estates are being built left right and centre (we currently have 3 new housing developments being built up the road from us totalling around 10,000 new homes) and the town centre is horrible. Every long term resident that you speak to says that it has gone downhill and they try to avoid it if they can.

And although we love our house and have nearly finished fixing it up, we always said that we would stay here for around 5 – 10 years. We have lived here now for nearly 6 years and we both feel ready for a change. We have good memories from living in this house, but we have also had some real shit happen while living here, so its time for a fresh start.

So yeah, that’s the long and short of it. Im sure that I will be talking more about moving on here in the new year, as I get my head around the changes happening. But I am ready to embrace the changes and make the most of them.

2 thoughts on “Our Next Move?

  1. This sounds like a really positive change in the making, good for you both for being willing to take a scary step. The family move reminds of my friend Hannah, she and her sister both moved from Stoke-On-Trent to Norfolk, followed swiftly by her parents. I always feel a bit sorry for her brother who stayed behind!

    1. Its all about making the best of things. I will see less of my family, but I will (hopefully) live somewhere nicer and have a better lifestyle. x

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