What I Learnt From Being Kitchenless

My kitchen reveal post was unfinished in my drafts for over 6 months! I also had this post drafted and sitting there waiting to be published for the same amount of time! I guess now is the time to publish it. Better late than never!

temp kitchen1

For anyone that is interested. I learnt the following.

  • You are what you eat. When we ripped everything out of our old kitchen, and I mean everything, we did not eat as much fresh fruit and veg as we usually do. I set out with good intentions making soup in the slow cooker and cooking turkey steaks with the George Foreman and steaming vegetables in my rice cooker (which were always rock hard BTW!). I then dropped the George Foreman on the concrete floor and broke it. After that I completely run out of inspiration, and gave up on all hope of normality. So we lived on rubbish. (Salads from the supermarkets, toast, Greggs, microwave meals and bowls of cereal) Consequently we both were ill several times during the three and a half month period of kitchen renovation.
  • I have never wasted so much food in my whole life. I bought some carrots and broccoli with the intention of attempting to microwave them, but then to eat with what? I don’t know, maybe as a side with a microwave meal? I gave up on cooking properly, using the excuse of having no worktops for prep, no cooker and no sink to wash up in afterwards. So the carrots and broccoli went into the compost bin. Along with all sorts, as I had no hope of meal planning. I am not proud.
  • I have never thrown so much rubbish away. Processed food has so much packaging.
  • Microwave meals are salty rubbish. But you knew that anyway.
  • I was given a secondhand microwave while being kitchenless, having not owned one for several years. I gave it to the scrap metal man when I had finished with it (It was 30+years old). I still do not need or want a microwave.
  • I strangely missed doing my own washing. Both mums stepped up and were amazing, doing our washing for a few months. But they sent our clothes back reeking of chemicals/washing powder/Lenor which made our eyes sting. I use Persil/Ecover as Rob has eczema.
  • No matter how much mess and chaos you think there will be, it will still shock you just how dirty it is everywhere in your house. I mean everywhere – like inside cupboards, underneath dust sheets and in closed off, sealed spare bedrooms etc.temp kitchen 2
  • Tidy environment = tidy mind. Go figure.
  • I am a bad hoarder. When I put all my tins of food back into the new cupboards I counted 12 tins of tomatoes, 10 tins of tuna, 4 tins of chickpeas and one each of every kind of tinned bean there is. In my defence – I stock up on special offers OK! Plus I am prepared for any forthcoming zombie apocalypse. But I live a short walk away from a big supermarket. The supermarket is located in a slightly chavvy area so while it always runs out of smiley faces, it will never run out of tins of pinto beans. In fact I think I am the only person who buys tins of pinto beans from my local branch.
  • I missed eating pinto beans.
  • When wiping the dust off every tin before putting it into the new cupboards, I thought to myself “I could so do this every time I go food shopping and be properly OCD when I unpack stuff into my beautiful new kitchen.” Thank god I am far too lazy to be that anally retentive.
  • But most of all I have learnt that I never, NEVER, EVER want to do another kitchen renovation again!*temp kitchen 3*Although now having had six plus months to recover from the stress of the renovation, I will say – never say never! But if and when there is a next time, we will save up to get some contractors to fit it for us!

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