What I Am Enjoying Right Now

I got bloggers block. Hopefully it will pass.

I am uninspired, and cannot think of any solid subjects to write about, just silly random things. Plus I really do not feel like taking any photos. So I will just put together all the random tidbits and share my thoughts about some stuff I am loving right now in one post.*

Please be warned it is mainly about food! What can I say, I love my food, me. Food does take up most of my thoughts!

Foodie loves right now

The Laughing Cow blue cheese triangles. Why did they not think of this before? Yum, my taste buds are in heaven!

Nutella spread on oat cakes. Its a healthier alternative to a chocolate digestive. Sort of.

Beluza Rose harissa paste. OMG! THIS IS THE BOMB. Full stop.
I have previously tried supermarket own brand harissa paste. Yeah, it was OK, but I could not understand how certain TV chefs got all hyped up and got their knickers in a twist over this (and other obscure) ingredient…That was until I tasted this brand.
OMG It is so flavoursome, and has some super complex flavours going on. Its really got that umami thing going on, and almost has a smokey flavour to it.
Its on special offer in Salisbury’s right now, go on – treat yourself to some! I did and have’nt regretted it. I was too tight to pay out for this before, but you do get what you pay for with harissa paste it seems!
I just want to add this in everything. I spent far too long thinking about if it would work in macaroni cheese. Blame that bloody billboard poster from Lurpex, I keep seeing everywhere, it made me crave for some macaroni cheese big time!

Homemade banana bread. So good, that I might just have to share the recipe on here.

Vegemite. I am cheating on Marmite with this because it has got so expensive.

Red bush tea.The tea choice of champions and winners. And me.

TV shows I am loving right now

Geordie Shore. Yes, I am not ashamed to admit that I love this show. I have really, really, unashamedly bad taste in TV and films. But, I don’t watch what everyone else seems to watch (Pop Idol, Jungle/ice skating/locked in a house celeb type shows, TOWIE etc), I just watch really trashy reality type shows on the E channel (Ice loves Coco, Married to rock, Fashion Police, Kardashians etc) that no one else seems to watch. So I cant natter about them! Can I just say – I love Charlotte she is f***ing hilarious and yey, another series is on the way!

Catfish. This is on MTV right after Geordie Shore, so I guess no one else watches it! I really need want to talk about this show with someone. I keep wanging on to Rob about it and trying to get him to watch it with me, but due to my aforementioned bad taste in TV, he has yet to do so!
I find this show fascinating, hilarious and a real eye opener. I have not dated in over a decade (Rob and I have been together for over 11 years) and I would not have a clue about how to get back in the dating game. After watching three episodes of this show, if I ever found myself single again, the one thing I will now never, ever do is fall for someone on Facebook or a forum.
If you can stay up late enough and have MTV in your TV package please watch it. Or find it illegally online to watch the episodes. But I did not tell you to do that! Here is a little taster and more info about the show.

The Vampire Diaries. Still so good even after however many series now. Its brain melt, eye candy, teen drama at its best. Its just on at the same time as Wheeler Dealers (one of Rob’s faves) so I have to remember to watch it on catch up. Yet another sacrifice I make out of love.

The New Normal. A little cheesy at times, but still good fun.

*To be honest, all I wanted to blog about was the harissa paste and Catfish, but I managed to wring a sizable post out of it! Boom!

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