We Got Oven!

Whoop! Its one small step for mankind, one giant leap for Helenkind! Yesterday finally I got to use our new oven!

Huzzah! Its only been about three months since I last used one! And just what did I christen the new oven with you ask? Nothing groundbreaking I am afraid, just a fancy pizza that was on special in Sainsburys.

Well I cooked it after having a mini BS. I tried to read the instructions, but could not figure out how to turn the ruddy thing on. So I spat my dummy out and went upstairs to whine to Rob that I could not work this oven (all the reviews said that it was super complicated) which we had spent a lot of money on and that I had spent over a year choosing. Luckily Rob was on the dog and bone to one of his clients, so I did not get the opportunity to whinge.

So I calmed down and went back downstairs then found the page in the manual which showed what button does what. Then figured out how to turn it on and cook with it in a dodle!

It turned out that I had not pressed the “on” function. Whoops! It was also quite simple to navigate the fancy touch screen panel, and I was very impressed with all the high tech beeping sounds it made. Fancy!

So as this was a big moment for me I had to take a picture, just to share on here! – Over share I hear you say? No not moi!

A mini sneek peek of the WIP!


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