Vintage Pyrex Haul

Look at what I got – lots and lots of Pyrex goodness!

So much of it, that I need to re-shuffle my kitchen cupboards to fit it in! It is the mother of all Pyrex hauls, 33 pieces in total from a local seller on EBay.pyrex haulI also found a vintage jelly mould in a local charity shop for £2.49. Not bad, as a few weeks ago I spotted an identical one in another charity shop for £7.99! I have been on the look out for one of these for a while now to go with my rabbit jelly mould. I love a bit of jelly, I know it is full of sugar, but its an easy pudding to make. If you stick some tinned fruit in its one of your 5 a day (I hope!)

This set matches the jug and sugar bowl I found at the same boot fair I found these casserole bowls. I have been meaning to photograph them and show them on here. Can you believe that it cost me 50p for both! This was about 5 years ago, and I know that I will never find pieces for that bargain price these days, that’s for bootyThe good thing about our vintage Pyrex is that we do use it. This stuff lasts a lifetime (as long as you do not smash it!) We use the jug for gravy, its the perfect size for two people! And the sugar bowl has the rather unglamorous job of a used teabag bowl-bin type thing, for them to collect and dry out before one of us can be bothered to take them down the end of the garden to the composter.

Now also seems the perfect opportunity to show the casserole bowl that Rob got me for bowl


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