Two New Vintage Recipe Booklets

I have to show my latest vintage cookbook acquisitions on here, they are just too good not to share!pyrex booksThe first book on the left is an EBay purchase, the second was given to me by my Mum who thought of me when clearing out my nan’s kitchen cupboards recently. Thanks Mum!

The McDougalls booklet has no date on it, I estimate by looking at the pictures and style that it is from the late 70’s to early 80’s. I also have big apron envy of the lady on the cover. How cool is that pattern? Its right up my street!pyrex cupsAnd look what I spotted – a Pyrex cup! The same as we have for our camper van. I also have tea towel envy. That orange flowered one would be perfect for the van.

The other recipe book is total Pyrex porn for a Pyrex perv like me. It was published in 1977 with lots of pictures of pretty casserole bowls in it. Plus the recipes are hilarious! I have photographed the best ones to share on here. Somehow I do not think I will be cooking any of them though!

local tuckerA local(ish) bland dish. The food inside it that is, not the Pyrex bowl! Styled on a haystack.mmm beefy horse burgersA classy dish to serve and impress your guests with at a dinner party maybe? just say no kidsSorry, but it does not matter how you dress them up, marrows will always be tasteless slime.niceGiblets anyone?insane in the membraneOr brains?heart attackOr if that has not wet your appetite, how about some hearts? This would be perfect as a romantic themed meal for valentines day! Bleugh!

4 thoughts on “Two New Vintage Recipe Booklets

  1. I was given a copy of the Pyrex book on my wedding day in 1977 along with all the Pyrex cookware, and the only recipe I used was called Farmers Hotpot and it became a family favourite. Sadly the book got left behind in a house move so if you could let me have a photo of the hotpot recipe, that would be great ! Its pretty basic but it would jog my memory all these years later.

    1. Hi, I have since donated the book, so Im sorry I cant send you a picture. I brought it on ebay for 99p inc postage, so maybe if you set up a search alert or have a look on the Amazon marketplace you will be able to find a cheap replacement copy! I hope you get to enjoy your hotpot again soon! x

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