Two Green Bottles

A few weeks ago, while browsing the booze aisle in my local branch of Morrison’s I spotted a new (to me) beer called Lucky on special offer for £1 a bottle.

I grabbed one each for Rob and I, as I am a sucker for a novelty drink and *ahem* you never know, drinking them just might well be lucky!

Now that the beer is drunk, which was very tasty actually. I do not want to recycle the bottles, they are far too good to throw out.

It is moments like these that I wish I was a crafter. I have no idea how to utilise them. Do I spray paint them, gold leaf them or somehow make the necks wider to turn them into vases?

Or do I just get rid of them so I do not end up with more clutter and tat in my house!

Ut-oh I have just realised that this is my second blog post dedicated purely to booze!

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