Two Fruity Homemade Lollies

Phew scorchio! Its that time of year again folks, when our much longed for summer gets just that little bit too hot and sticky.

I am not a huge fan of the heat (I much prefer spring and autumn) and I don’t like the humidity we are experiencing right now (who does?) But on the plus side I have been busy making some homemade frozen treats, and I want to share two on here.

These lollies are pretty much foolproof, anyone can make them. You don’t need any fancy equipment (a hand blender would be handy though), just your ingredients and a basic lolly mould. I got my lolly mould in Sainsburys for 99p! Its always worth the effort of making homemade lollies, as they are much cheaper and have far less sugar than your supermarket ones.

This post is more of an inspirational guide, rather than recipes to follow. I am no food blogger thats for sure! My talents seem to be eating far too much food, rather than photographing it and writing about it!

Here is what has been cooling me down lately –

1) Banana and honey lolliesnarna lolly

Method – Blend or mash by hand 3-4 ripe-ish small bananas with a splash of milk or natural yogurt. Basically just wing it here, it really depends on how many lollies you are making etc. I have four lolly shapes in my mould and used about half a small pot of yogurt and four small ‘nana’s. Then add some runny honey to sweeten according to taste. Pour in moulds, freeze overnight. Done.

Verdict – I loved these lollies. Simple to make (it took about 5 minutes), no added sugar, very tasty, and one of your 5 a day. I will be making these all summer!

2) Melon Lollies

helen melon

Method – This is another easy-peasy recipe. I basically used this recipe here, minus the added sugar. I just blended one very ripe, small cantelope melon with the juice of one lime. Poured it into my moulds, froze it, then hey presto all done!

Verdict – Very refreshing and thirst quenching. Easy and healthy. Another winner!

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