Twhitt – Twhoo!

I can’t believe I googled “owl sound spelling” for the title of this post!

I love owl paraphernalia, I have an owl cushion, an owl t-shirt, and owl knick-knacks galore. So when I saw this embroidery in my favourite charity shop, it caught my eye.

Wise owls. Nobody's perfect especially my photography skills!

I ummed and errrd over it though, as its not my usual style.  But in the end I purchased it for £1.50 and it now hangs in our bedroom.  It is on a nail that the previous owner kindly left behind in the wall.  Yes it needs to be re-framed, and eventually it will need to find somewhere to hang permanently.  But it has really grown on me and I love seeing its sweet little message every day, it makes me smile!  For £1.50 that’s worth every penny.

Is it just me but when I see other blogger’s charity shop finds they seem so much cheaper, try 30p or other silly amounts, than all the loot in my local branches?  Maybe its because I live in the south east?  Or maybe they are telling porkies?  Just saying.  Well I may not be able to find unbelievable bargains but I am happy to pay a little extra for a good cause.

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