Tuesday Tune – My Dance Hero’s Special

I wrote in my guest post on Janet’s blog about how I feel a little too old and self conscious when dancing these days. Or at least I do when I am sober.

Well, yet again there was murder on the dance floor last Saturday night. By dance floor I mean friends kitchen at the Halloween party that I attended dressed as a witch at a zombie party. The kitchen had disco lights and a smoke machine – that counts right? BTW Rob told me it was a zombie themed party after I bought my witches hat and wig!

My proudest moment was my drunken solo dance to Kris Kros’s Jump. I busted out all my hip-hop dance moves in my repertoire (about 2, and only Rob and I find them funny!)

But never mind me. Lets talk about the three ladies I admire for their dancing skills. These girls are the anti Britney’s and Cheryl Cole’s of the dance world. They are un-choreographed and just lose them selves in their own music with such style and grace. Plus they look like they are having a great time!

Right, drumroll please. Number 1 of my dance heroes is Ninja from The Go Team. Rob and I have seen this band live 3 or 4 times at various festivals over the years. You really have to see them live to get the full experience of Ninja’s dancing, this lady has mad skills! I tried to find a decent live video on YouTube, this was the best I could manage for this post. But please, again, you must see them in action for yourself! If you are lucky Ninja will demonstrate her dance moves of the world!

Second place is Ms Roisin Murphy formally of Moloko. Her solo album Overpowered is one of my faves and I love this video of her dancing in a greasy spoon. If only I could look that cool shimmying and hand clapping my way around a cafe wearing a cape, a dinner plate on my head and over-sized fingerless marigolds. Respect.

Third place is  a new contender to the title – Grimes. This lady is a multi talented producer, musician and artist. And she can bust out some serious moves. She has a slightly bonkers air to her which I love, and can dance with a hot dog and make it seem like a normal thing to do. Check out her live videos on YouTube to see more of her in action.

Special mentions go out to Robyn, Janelle Monáe and not forgetting the king of maraca’s Bez!


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