Tuesday Tune

I am not a huge fan of punk/metal I am more a grunge/indie/dance type, but back in 2003 I bought this CD from one of the five record shops to chose from in my town centre, I think it may have been from MVC or one of the two Our Price branches, sigh I remember those days now there is only HMV left (and for how much longer?)

I liked The Distillers music because Brody Dalle‘s voice is so unique and un-girly and she out sang the likes of *shudder* Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park who seemed to be everywhere at the time, both of who I still cannot stand!

Fast forward to nine years later and I had pretty much forgotten about them, until one of their songs came up on Rob’s iPod which was playing whilst we were decorating the other day. I said “hey did Brody play the guitar as she is def one for my Tuesday tunes!” to Rob, a quick google search later and sure enough she does. I would have been disappointed if she never as she rocks!

Also respect to Brody for marrying Josh Homme the only fit redheaded male out there no less.

Rob and I were here at Reading 2004 too!

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