Tuesday Tune

Its been a while since I did one of these posts! Today I am posting two tunes. Why? – Because in my head they kind of go together.

In that they don’t at all.

But the inside of my head is such a random, vague place. Full of thoughts about fluffy kittens, where is my next meal and is it right to eat this much Nutella in one sitting.

The first tune is by Chvrches and called The Mother We Share.

Its one of my favourite current songs played on the radio at the moment. Its just so nice. There is no other word for it. Its just the perfect cheery, poppy song with pretty pink sparkly bits. If you hate it, there is probably something wrong with you and you have a heart of stone.

And the band are all so shiny, young and cute in the video. Adorable!

The next tune is by The Knife and called We Share Our Mothers Health.

It has nothing much in common with the first tune. Just two of the same words in the song title. But listening to the Chvrches tune made me want to listen to The Knife again.

It is poppy in its own way I suppose. Its from 2006 (I say it again. WTF? Time flies) and I love both tunes equally.

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