Tuesday Tune

For Xmas just gone Rob’s youngest niece asked for a guitar as her main present, from her parents I must add, not us – phew! So to see if she would actually use it, at his sister’s request Rob took around his acoustic for her to try out early last December.

She enjoyed having a little strum and Rob taught her a few cords. While she was practicing I joked “You could be the next Hendrix, Slash, Clapton, Page…..err hang on a minute they are all blokes!”

It made me think, when you think of the guitar legends they all tend to be male. So Rob and I tried to name some female guitar players, and granted there are plenty out there.  But all of the ladies we could think of, they played in bands that only Rob and I had heard of!

For the next few Tuesday’s Tunes I am going to post video’s of ladies who rock. I want Rob’s nine year old niece to know that girls can do just the same as boys if they want to, if not better! And that you don’t always have to follow the crowd. And that if she wants to be in the music industry, she does not have to get nearly naked or do whatever some male music producer/video director tells her to do to be successful. She can do it on her terms.

For my first lady who rocks I have chosen Kim Deal. I know she is more famous for playing bass in the Pixies but this guitar rift is so catchy. We have been lucky to see The Breeders live three times over the years at various musical festivals and she kicks ass! Enjoy!

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