Tuesday Tune

Confession – I have really run out of enthusiasm in doing Tuesday Tune posts with a female guitarist theme. So I have decided not to force myself to do them anymore, as it kind of takes the fun out of blogging.

So while on holiday I was having a little think about my blog in general and I decided that I will continue with the Tuesday Tune feature, but will just post a video of any random tune I am liking or reminiscing about with a little background story/tenuous link.

For this weeks song I have picked Pulp’s “Sorted for E’s and whizz”. I have been feeling the urge to go to a another festival before the summer is over and the festival season comes to an end. Last week we were offered two Bestival tickets, a ferry return ticket and a campervan pass as a friend was selling hers as she could no longer make it.

We had to decline the opportunity (sob) for many boring reasons, but the main one being the current state of our campervan. See the post below for details.

So to try to console myself I have bookmarked this blogpost here, to remind myself that festivals are not always 100% fun apparently……..But you cant beat being drunk in the middle of the day in a muddy field!

Sigh never mind, before I round up this post, I must make another confession that I have been tuning in to Absolute 90’s radio station, which sometimes makes me feel a little old but still has become my latest guilty pleasure!

A few days ago they played this tune which is an old 90’s fave of mine. I cannot seem to find the video on YouTube, if they ever made one that is? – Who cares, just enjoy the tune and reminisce about festivals of yesteryear!

P.S. I still love Jarvis!

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