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I have not done a Tuesday tune for a little while now. I have kind of lacked inspiration, as I realised that I have been looking back at the music of my youth, rather than forwards at new bands.

But I cannot resist doing a post on Courtney Love as part of my female guitarist theme! Love her or hate her, you cannot deny her on-stage presence.

Glasto ’99 – I was there! Image from

A few years back Rob and I were invited to our friend C’s 40th birthday party. This was a fancy dress party with the theme of  “Pop music stars”. At the party there were a group of friends dressed as the spice girls, a Sgt Pepper era Beetle, a George Michael,  a Freddie Mercury and many more usual suspects.

Rob and I thought about who we could go as, and decided to do something a little bit different. We decided to dress as Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain in the outfits they famously wore to the 1993 MTV awards. I won a cheap and sort of similar dress on Ebay (it was the best I could find on a small budget/timescale in my size). We found some wigs online then bought the rest of our costumes from Primark and used stuff we already had.

So here we are in our full glory! I have decided to be brave and post some pictures of me on here! Spot the difference! Ha!

What Kurt and Courtney would look like if they ate cake!

We had a great time, I love fancy dress! One thing I will say is the DJ played tunes by all the above characters who people came dressed as, but he did not play any Nirvarna or Hole! Hrrmmpp!

Here is a video of the lady herself. I love her BTW!

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