Tuesday Tune

I will again stick to my female guitarist theme here. For this post I have chosen Marie du Santiago from Kenickie.

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Now I was not a huge fan of Kenickie when I was a teen, as they where a little bit too “poppy” for my tastes back then. But when I put on those rose tinted glasses of nostalgia to look back, I get a warm fuzzy feeling about them! I sometimes wish it was still the nineties – basically I wish I was still young!

What I loved about Kenickie was that they were only a year or two older than me, and they made it look possible that anyone who was of the “indie chick” persuasion from a dead end town could get together with their mates, to form a band, get a record deal and live the dream!

I (vaguely) remember seeing Kenickie live at Glastonbury back in 1998. I think Lauren made it worth it standing in the mud and rain with her witty on-stage banter. I love Lauren Laverne. I am glad she has a new career as a TV presenter/journalist.

One of my best moments was about seven years ago, while living Chatham I discovered I could pick up Xfm –  as it was nearer to London you see. This was before I got a DAB radio. Lauren used to do the breakfast show on the station and one morning asked her listeners to text in about rubbish competitions on rubbish local radio stations. I texted in something about a competition to win a mug with the DJ’s face on it on InvictaFM called “My mug on your mug”. This is the first and only time I have texted a radio show BTW. And to my surprise and joy she read out my text and name and – get this – she laughed at it! Be still my beating heart! I made Lauren laugh!

Rob and I both love Lauren big time. I think she is an intelligent, well read, cultured, funny lady with a great fashion sense, who can handle a Twitter row wisely and would love to share a pint with her or be her mate. Rob just thinks she is fit.

From 1997 “In Your Car”. It looks so dated now, t’was only 15 years ago!

I like the 3rd comment down on YouTube for this second video “god they were shit weren’t they….. still, i’d take this over 90% of the shit clogging up the world these days….”

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