Tuesday Tune

I went to see Graham Coxon in Brighton last night. He was good! I did not take any pictures on my outing (bad blogger) as it was raining and gig pics will always end in tears, I have yet to take a decent image at a gig!

Anyhow once I managed to edge through the crowd away from the six foot plus crustie* who I was standing stuck behind and got a half decent view of the stage, I was pleased to see that Graham had two female guitar/bass/keyboard/backing vocalists/tambourine shaking types at the back of the stage. So to kind of vaguely keep to my Tuesday Tune theme with this post (failed!) and to honour the 90’s Britpop finest monents and all female guitarists out there who ever you are, here is a little piece of 90’s nostalgia from Lush. Enjoy!

* Ah crusties eh, remember them? They used to be everywhere you turned but now I fear they are going the way of the Dodo. Now rarely spotted in town centres with their greyhounds on a piece of string, and not even seen in beer gardens anymore. It seems that they are nearly as rare as Emo kids and can only be spotted out in the wild when The Levellers play at festivals and in their last remaining natural habitat of Brighton.

Seriously I only ever see crusties on day trips to Brighton. Maybe I could make money with a crustie bingo for the tourists visiting Brighton? Like a ripped of version of hipster bingo for when you venture into the east end of London.

I love crusties though don’t get me wrong (except when I am stuck behind a tall one at a gig) they are another 90’s nostalgic trigger for me I am glad they are not yet fully extinct. Maidstone used to have quite a few back in the day and I used to serve quite a few of them while working on the till in my glamorous Saturday job at Kwik Save. Including one young girl who used to live rough by the river. I wonder what happened to her? I hope she is OK, she was always nice to me and paid for her plastic bags for her “no frills” goodies without moaning at me.

One last thought on crusties while I am rambling on far too much as usual. I think that their dreads might be like the ponytail things that the blue indigenous characters in avatar have. You know the thingy’s that they plug in to stuff to be at one with nature and all that? I think if you plugged in a crusties dread (i.e sucked it) you could get instantly stoned. That’s what I think anyway. I just have not been brave enough to try it……!

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