Truck Festival In Photos

So this time, unlike Glastonbury, I took my camera with with me. But I did not bother to take any pictures with it. I relied on Rob to be my official photographer again.

Its better for everyone this way. I am a lazy-point-and-shoot-on-auto-and-hope-for-the-best type of photographer. Where as Rob enjoys learning photography and likes to practice his night time and gig photography techniques. He uses the camera on manual and everything!

So here are some of my favourite snaps from our weekend at Truck!tim from ash

Tim from Ash with a purple face. Ash are so good live. Great fun!Mail Attachment copy 3Truck festival is held on a working cattle farm (as most festivals are!) One of the stages was in a cow shed, which was a great venue. It even had a slight whiff of cattle essence in the air and everything! I cant remember who was on when this photo was taken. I just like the blinding lights and reflections.gazGaz Coombes feeling the heat. It was boiling hot at this point – phew!fight like apes ladyLady from Fight Like Apes. And just the top of someone in front’s head.billyBilly from The Subways. They were ace!charlotteCharlotte from The Subways doing her best cousin It impression. Sorry Kim Deal, but I think she is my new favourite female bassist. She is just so cute and bouncy and she has so much energy!rarrr!Love it! Nice moment caught by Rob.

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