Truck Festival 2013

This time last week I was at Truck festival in beautiful Oxfordshire. We arrived there in a cloud of smoke – literally! We still have that slight water leak issue with the van .I forgot to mention on here that our engine is water cooled in all my campervan posts. Opps. This is quite an important piece of information for anyone who cares about engines and geeks out about VW’s *eyes dart towards Rob*. So when we arrived early Friday morning we were spewing water and had loads of steam coming out the back of us! But hey ho, we made it there and back in one piece, and Rob is tinkering away trying to fix the engine issue on our driveway. He likes tinkering. So no biggie.

It was a last minute decision to book our tickets. We had thought that Glastonbury would be our only festival excursion this summer. Now, don’t get me wrong, we did enjoy ourselves at Glastonbury, but we just hadn’t quite scratched our festival fix itch.

Glastonbury was almost like a night out on New Years Eve, in that its a bit overhyped and you have to kind of force yourself to enjoy it. At Glastonbury you experience every emotion – good, bad and ugly. At Truck the fun was easy and effortless, and it was just so much fun! We now feel satisfied that we have had our festival fill for this summer (although I do wish I was at Indietracks right now!) and it reminded us just why we love watching live music in a field so much.

Did you get the part where we had we had fun BTW? Overuse of word alert! I must work harder on my vocabulary.

The highlights for me included Ash (I felt 15 again!), The Subways (I felt 25 again!), the barn stage, friendly neighbours and festival goers in general, hardly any queues for the bars or toilets, the toilets never ran out of antibacterial gel (man, I truly am old…but it was a bit gross at Glasto. Although to be fair, the toilets have improved a lot since I last went), Gaz Coombes, £1 cone of chips, and the fun part!

The lowlights were the heat and erm, the hot, hot, heat (the weather, not the band!) We had a brilliant time and we definitely want to go back to Truck again.

Here is a video of the festival, and when I get round to it, I will upload our photos in a separate post. In the mean time, as always, you can check out my Instagram account.

Note to self – I must remember not to Instagram with my beer goggles on…..ah well, a few dodgy, blurry snaps never did anybody any harm!

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