Trex Cookery Book

I mentioned previously that I like vintage cookery books. This is the latest addition to my collection, the 1966 Trex Cookery book. I won it from eBay for the small fee of £2.19 including postage, and I am quiet pleased with it as it is pretty good condition.

Now Trex is nasty stuff in my opinion, I also previously mentioned that I have made a buttercream icing with no butter but I did not explain how. Well watch this video to see how the professionals in the cake decorating game make their frosting’s and try not to gag.

Proper retro!

In its defence it does make a pure white buttercream which you cannot get when making it with real butter or margarine and does not lose its shape or melt in the heat. You supposedly would not know what its made from because it has added butter flavouring. But surely your arteries would let you know you have eaten it at some point! Have I put you off buying any cupcakes from the supermarkets etc yet?

From my new book I learnt that in the sixties brownies did not seem to involve any chocolate and were classed as a biscuit. I think when my kitchen is finished and I have an oven again I am going to make these as an experiment in the name of food history! Rob can be my guinea pig!

Brownies but not as we know them! Excuse the shadow in this shot.


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