Today I Learnt I Was Right. Dammit!

I have been open about my IT skills (or lack of!) on here. I want to learn how to be a better blogger at my own pace, and will document my improvements in the “blogging for beginners” posts. Plus if it can help someone else out there reading them, then better still!

In this post I mentioned that a 10 year old probably has better IT skills than me. Today I have been proven right! Today in the news a 9 year old blogger has generated a lot of publicity for her blog “NeverSeconds” after being told to stop posting pictures of her school lunches by her local council.

Well I had a little look at her site myself.

Young upstarts eh?

Yep she is better than me. Yep I have blog envy!

In other news I installed another font plugin. Now I can do this!
Plus I can write in


Find it here if you also want to add it to your wordpress blog. I have noticed however that the different fonts I selected do not show up in my google reader. More work must be done. And yes, I do subscribe to my own blog!

P.S. Hands up who thinks Martha gets help from her Dad.

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