Tick Tock

Don’t worry, I am not going to post a video of Ke$ha in this post! I would never be that cruel to you! Nope, instead I am going to talk in far too much detail about clocks.

I have established on here that I live in a house built in my favourite time period, when it comes to architecture and design, the 1950’s. So living here gives me the perfect excuse to buy pieces for the house that are from the era!

Two weeks ago, I published a sneak peek of our dining room, with its Dandelion Clock curtains. Next I am going to show two small details from our house, two clocks. The first is our lounge clock, a reproduction George Nelson clock. Originally designed in 1949, it is in perfect keeping with the period of our house, and in my opinion, a great piece of design that does not date. I bought it for a steal on EBay (£35 inc postage) – I do like a bargain! This clock is perfect for our lounge, it looks good as the main focus in the center of the room, hanging above the fireplace. Plus it makes me happy every time I check the time!

Next is our kitchen clock, which I purchased about five years ago. I bought it for our last kitchen, in the old house, again from good old EBay! It perfectly complimented the style of the kitchen, and I carefully packed it when we moved 2.5 years ago, to use again in our future (now current) kitchen.

Recently both the kitchen clock and lounge clock stopped working, to my distress! The Kitchen clock had been stored away for almost 2 years, and when we dug it out to hang up again, it had stopped working.

I did a little Internet window shopping to try and find a replacement. The trouble was I loved my kitchen clock and wanted to buy the same design again. Could I find it? Could I heck! Then, clever Rob suggested I buy a new clock mechanism, to see if that would fix the problem. A google search or two later, and I had ordered a new mechanism for around £4 inc postage from EBay (again!) Unfortunately after Rob replaced it, it still did not work *sob*, so we kind of gave up and left it hanging on the wall, forever saying quarter to one.

Around the same time the lounge clock packed up, and I began to believe we had some kind of weird voodoo curse against us when it came to clocks! I knew a new mechanism would not get it working, so I kept asking Rob to try and fix it (after all he can fix VW engines, clocks are similar right?), but he is a busy man with little free time, so for months I had two broken clocks hanging on the walls. I know – 1st world problem alert!

The other day, I came home and heard a wonderful ticking sound from the lounge. I found Rob and thanked him, and asked him how he managed to fix it. His words went something like this – “you muppet, you put the battery in the wrong way round!”

Oopps! At least it was something simple to fix, I suppose. My own attempts at repairing it myself (i.e taking the battery out, shaking it, re-adjusting the time, then putting the battery back in) had failed to notice this! Come to think of it, it did stop working around the same time I changed the battery!

The kitchen clock, we fixed by just biting the bullet, and buying another, more expensive, better quality, clock mechanism from Hobbycraft for £12.99. Which in Rob’s words “was a bitch to change over!” In the mean time, we could have bought another clock with the money we spent trying to fix this one! But at least we did the green thing by not throwing it out and I got to keep a retro white ball clock in my kitchen!

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