The Understatement Of The Year

Babies are so bad for the environment and that’s my understatement of the year!

Sod using public transport, not owning a car, recycling, buying secondhand, growing your own, eating less meat, being vegetarian/vegan or cleaning your house without chemicals. The best way to cut down your carbon foot print is not to breed!

I was fully aware of this already, and the environmental impact and the amount of waste that I would be sending to landfill was one of the many reasons that it took me so long to come around to the idea of having a kid. (BTW despite me sounding like a chav when I talk, I can totally be a bit of a middle class a-hole at times with my environmental concerns and issues!)

Even though I have tried to make my peace with the wastefulness of having a baby (i.e told myself to just bury my head in the sand, to try and ignore it and to focus on the good stuff) it still shocks me how quickly our wheelie bin is filling up and how much waste there is!

So to make myself feel slightly better I am using my blog as a therapy session (once again!) to get some of the guilt off my chest and to thought dump all of my feels on here!!!

Here is my list of shame –

  • It shocks me how many cotton wool balls we have got through. Two weeks in and we are on our third bumper sized bag already!
  • The boiling the kettle constantly to pour water out to cool for top and tailing. Then forgetting about said bowl of water on the side and having to do it all over again!
  • The nappies! Ten or fifteen years ago I was very much a ranty, soapbox, eco warrior type and I would have used reusable washable nappies if I had a kid when I was younger. These days I have chilled out a bit and I will do anything for an easier life – so we are using disposables! Please feel free to judge, but I know that the amount of constant washing would drive me crazy and reduce me to tears on a daily basis. So Pampers/cheaper supermarket own brand are the way forward for now.
  • The amount of nappy bags that I am using to wrap said disposable nappies in, before plonking them in the wheelie bin, before they end up in landfill and take 20+years to break down all the while leaking chemicals into the soil. All that we can do ATM to save waste is to put two pissy nappies in the same bag. Lame.
  • The amount of washing. The pile of pissy wet babygrows never goes down!
  • The constant washing of hands. More water usage.
  • The water used for sterilising.
  • The amount of packaging for his milk. I am currently breastfeeding Dylan, but because of his low birth weight and current slow weight gain we have been advised to top him up with formula. So we are currently using the ready made Cow and Gate mini throw away bottles to save time with heating powdered milk and sterilising bottles etc. Again, anything for an easier life.
  • I am also this close to saying f**k it with the breast feeding and sticking him on the formula full time to get him gaining weight and to make life slightly easier (which also as an extra bonus doing this will piss off my slightly-mental-pro-breast-feeding health visitor who I cannot stand and who suggested that I buy one of these to give him his formula in. Can you imagine Rob wearing it! – Actually, please don’t! That’s a really disturbing image!)
  • The amount of stuff that you need to buy that only gets used for 4-6 months.
  • The fact that most of it will be chucked, as nobody really buys second had baby stuff like cribs etc.
  • TMI alert – The amount of maternity pads that you get through before, during and after. All going to landfill.
  • The fact that I have been this close to ordering a tumble dryer.
  • And despite a long history of setting fire to them and breaking them, I have purchased a new microwave to sterilise bottles in. Unfortunately the microwave steriliser that I also ordered was too big to fit inside my new microwave. Oops! Never mind at least we can have jacket potatoes for tea again and reheat our cold cups of tea!
  • The fact that I wanted to only use organic, eco friendly baby bath products etc but I have been gifted a shedload of J&J baby smellies, Vaseline and Sudocream etc. I will just have to suck it up and use these paraben and petroleum containing products. And be grateful for them. Which I am – honest!
  • The amount of baby wipes that I will use.
  • But despite my guilt at increasing the hole in the ozone etc, despite the lack of sleep, despite the fact that I am a emotional teary wreak most of the time, my love for this babe is growing daily. Now please excuse me while I put another load of washing on and put the heating on full wack to dry it! #explainingnotcomplaining

4 thoughts on “The Understatement Of The Year

  1. Ugh, your health visitor sounds like the worst. Breast-feeding guilt trips are just not cool (am I allowed to say that if I don’t have kids? I’m always scared of commenting on posts about babies and children in case I’m not allowed an opinion – which would be perfectly reasonable)

    1. Of course you can say that! I had plenty of say on the subject before Dylan. She is just a bit bat shit crazy about breast feeding, but I am taking no notice of her emotional blackmail crap.

      Unfortunately the more she preaches to me the more I don’t want to do it! Its like I have regressed back into being a teenager again! I read this article on refinery29 which resonated with me – – Yup, thats my life, I am going to be the weirdo grungy sweary one who doesn’t fit in with or give a shit about cracking the yummy mummy clique! xx

  2. Arrah sure it won’t last forever and you can be super eco friendly for rest of his childhood! I used cloth nappies on my daughter, it wasn’t actually that bad! But you have to do what’s easiest for you. Same goes for breast/bottle feeding. Don’t let the zealots get you down!

    Just with regards to passing on his stuff when you’re finished with them, you could try freecycle or a women’s shelter perhaps? We have used both options 🙂

    And once again, he really is beautiful <3

    1. That’s good to hear. Maybe I could look into one of those cloth nappy services where they wash them for you? Although they are probably a bit on the pricey side?

      Yeah, its been a bit emotional on the old feeding front as he did not gain much weight in the first week or so (although he seems to be catching up quicker now, thank goodness). Because he was so small (which I blame Rob for as small babies run in his family!) they are just keeping an extra eye on him. I really don’t care how I feed him, I just want him to chunk out and to do whats best for him. All I can do is follow the midwives advice really. Not the nutty heath visitors suggestions of using strange fake BF thingys like Jack from Meet The Parents!!!

      I will def see if I can donate his stuff when we have finished with it. Thanks for the suggestions. xx

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