The Ultimate Classic Cookbook?

I love cookbooks, I own too many to be honest. But cooking and especially baking is one of my favourite pastimes, so I don’t feel too guilty if I accumulate more in my collection. They are for educational purposes OK.

In recent times I have started to pick up a few vintage cookbooks off eBay and from charity shops. I just love them! I find some of the recipes hilarious! Lots of lard, cottage cheese and spam! It can also be nostalgic for me, as some recipes can put me in mind of my grandparents food and what I ate growing up in the 80’s.

You know how the Silver Spoon claims it is the book that is in every Italian household, and it has been used for generations, and that I Know How To Cook claims to be France’s very own cookery bible? So I though hang on – just what is Britain’s much loved cookery book? A classic that mothers pass on to their children etc? Well I believe I can say it is the Dairy Book of Home Cookery as shown below (closely followed by Delia’s Complete Cookery Course.)

Picture from The 1978 revised version my mum owns.

Both my Mum and Rob’s mum own a well thumbed and stained copy of this book, they both bought or were gifted the book from someone who bought the book from their milkman, when they first got married, and it is still pretty much the only cook book that they both use regularly. This has a baking section that is pretty much of the equal eggs, butter and sugar formula throughout – proper old school! But lets face it as much as you try, you still cannot make a better Victoria sponge cake than your mum!

I found a modern reprinted version of the 90’s revised edition of this book in my local bargain book store for £3.99 and I bought it straight away. Because neither my mum or MIL will part with their books. I guess I am going to have to prize it from their cold dead hands! (Only joking mum!)

What is not to love about a book with a chapter on offal, and includes liver and marrow recipes? What modern cookery book can offer that? It has classic recipes such as cheese and peanut sandwich, chicken liver stir fry, party gammon, kidney turbigo and a carrot cake made from banana’s (which was yummy BTW). I kid you not!

buttered banana plaice anyone?

If you come across a copy of this book I urge you to snap it up. Cos yer mumma ain’t gonna part with hers!

erm yummers……a bacon and banana or  a stilton and banana sarnie anyone?

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