The Post I Said I Would Not Do

Honestly, I have real trouble thinking up blog title posts. I have made this title sound really dramatic when its only a post to show a few snaps I took two weeks ago. I left a comment on Laura’s blog post that my photos from Indietracks were rubbish and I was not going to show them on my blog. But while I was uploading them to Facebook the other day to show my pals, I changed my mind as I want this blog as kind of diary of my life to look back on in years to come.
So here are my unedited (still rubbish) snaps and a quick write up of our break.

Two weekends ago Rob and I were enjoying ourselves at Indietracks, watching bands we had mainly not heard of before, and – umm – drinking lots of alcohol. My kind of fun!

It was our first time at this festival, and its the smallest and one of the most chilled and friendly festivals we have been to. It also seemed that most of the people we camped near were in the bands playing over the weekend!

Highlights include –

  • The Vaselines
  • Stevie Jackson
  • Some mad metal(ish) type of band who I don’t know the name of but had everyone watching them laughing (in a good way).
  • A former train carriage turned into a bar – great for people spotting.
  • Rob asking me “why are so many blokes wearing fox jumpers” me – “don’t you know, foxes are the new owls” Rob “oh”.
  • Rob and I playing a drinking game we invented called spot the satchel, basically drinking every time we spotted a satchel, needless to say we got bladdered.
  • The campsite showers.


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