The One That Got Away

Around this time last year I spotted one of these ↓ in a charity shop for £2.50, but I did not buy it.

Vintage Pyrex yellow snowflake divided dish with lid.
Image from surely_sarah’s flickr stream

It was the wrong side of payday, I had recently changed jobs and I was trying to get used to my new smaller budget. So I was just buying essentials only, with no treats or splurges. Plus I had no change in my purse.

Also, I was unsure about the yellow. Why? I love yellow! Although I am not so keen on the colour lemon, and it looked too Christmassy for my liking – bah humbug!

Turns out its a quite hard to find, early piece of Pyrex. It was probably a once in a life chance of me finding some decent Pyrex, at a decent price in a local chazza.

What a dumb-ass! I cant believe I let this one slip through my fingers! I still think about it occasionally, and really regret my decision to leave it behind nearly a year on!

Sometimes with vintage bits and bobs, its the things that don’t necessarily have the initial wow factor that end up growing on you the most. So basically the moral of the story is don’t do what I did folks – just buy whatever you are eyeing up! The money goes to a good cause, and you can always donate it back if you don’t want it later down the line. That’s a good deed from you and a double win for the charity shop!

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