The New House – The Second Bedroom

Here it is, the last room tour from our new Devon house in its ‘before’ state! Phew, it only took me four months to blog them all!

This is our second bedroom, and when we moved here we told people that we would eventually decorate it, buy a spare double bed for it and then we could have people stay round.

Unbeknown to our friends and family, I was around eight weeks pregnant when we moved, but at that point we weren’t sure of how things would progress so we called this room our guest bedroom.

And even though it winds Rob up when I call it the ‘guest bedroom’, the name has stuck and I still cannot bring myself to call this room ‘the babies room’!

This will be the last room that we decorate. All that we have done so far is carpeted it and moved some random bits of furniture in to it which do not fit anywhere else in the house!

The room is pretty neutral already, but to me it is a little bland. The striped wallpaper is non offensive but not to my taste. I already have a few vague plans for the room, like a bright yellow cot (Asda do one for £59!) and to turn the G Plan unit into a toy display/book case, but that is about it really.

I just do not know what I want in there or nor have I done much research on what I will need!

I know that I do not want any bunting anywhere, any pastel colours, a theme to the room (like a nautical, car, fairy or Disney theme) , the future kids name displayed on the wall, or anything overly twee in there. Which is pretty much all of what Pinterest throws up at you when you do a search for nursery ideas!

I want a unisex/retro/mid century modern/Scandinavian vibe to this room with lots of bright cheerful primary colours everywhere. I also want the decor not to be too babyish and neural so that we can just switch up the furniture and storage situations as the kid and its needs grow.

Watch this space, as I guess I will be talking about things more on here soon!

6 thoughts on “The New House – The Second Bedroom

  1. I think you can kind of see the shape of how the room will be, it’s very exciting! The unit is fab, it will look great full of toys and books

    I hope you’re able to enjoy the experience (minus the puking) and that you’re feeling more confident of everything turning out well. We have experienced multiple losses too so have a lot of empathy for you both x

    1. Dare I say it, but I think the puking is subsiding now! I have not been tom and dick for over a week now and its great! I am trying to relax, but I am still a little bit fearful that things might go wrong. Talking about things on here helps me feel a bit more excited though. It a shame that I am this way, but I suppose its only natural and once your bubble has been burst, its hard to feel that same optimistic excitement again.

      Sorry to hear about your losses. I don’t think people really understand how shit it is unless its happened to them. Hugs xx

  2. That shot of the Ladderax unit is fabulous with the clock & the chairs. Whatever it cost it was a great investment haha

    It looks like a really lovely house

    1. Thank you! The room is still a work in progress, but I am pleased with it so far. Its funny but I feel a lot more at home in this house than our last house and have settled in very quickly. I never quite settled in our last house for some reason and I could never put my finger on why. xx

      1. Oops I commented on the wrong post that time!

        My parents moved a year ago and my mum said the same thing. Sometimes you just don’t settle no matter how much you might want to. It’s all about the heart isn’t it x

        1. Yes, thats very true. I did try, I even started a blog in order to be more enthusiastic about the decorating etc!!!! X

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