The New House – The Garage

Oops, it seems that I have taken an unintentional blog break for nearly a month! No real reason for it, other than I haven’t felt like blogging of late. We all go through these periods and sometimes the temptation to give up for good and to delete everything kicks in!

But fear not, while lots of my fave bloggers seem to have thrown in the towel lately, I am going to keep on blogging my mediocre musings and inflicting my terrible mobile phone photography on you all.

Plus I really must finish sharing all the “before” pictures of the house on here, for my benefit, if not for anyone else!

Today I will share a few snaps of our new garage and talk you through it.

To be honest, I almost forgot to share this part of the house on here. But its actually quite a big reason why we chose this house.

Well, when I say we, I really mean Rob!

Apparently this is a special garage, as it has electricity, lighting and its very own toilet! Our garage is also attached to the side of the house, rather than en bloc etc, with a handy interior door in to it. Which is handy for me, as we have our washing machine and freezer stored in there (basically the only reason why I ever go in the garage is to put the washing on or to eat a cheeky Magnum!)

Its a pretty big one this garage, as garages go, and Rob has plenty of plans for turning it into the garage/workshop of his dreams. He already goes to the garage to escape from me and the cat, and to unwind doing his favourite past time of tinkering with the Beetle and building stuff out of wood!

Rob has joked that all he needs now is a sofa bed, a TV and a microwave in there, and then he never has to step foot in the house ever again!

This can easily be arranged, I say!!!

So yeah, that’s about all that I can say about this room. Its just a garage, as far as I am concerned really. But for Rob, it is his dream come true! Bless, him! IMG_2372IMG_2373IMG_2374IMG_2375The above four photos were taken on the day that we moved in, and really show the size and scale of the space.

Of course now its crammed full of boxes, camping equipment, car parts, tools, bikes and a rusty off the road Beetle, so you can hardly move in there! Fun times!IMG_2397IMG_2401

Hopefully by the end of the year it will be better organised, I will have a nice (Rob built) utility area in there and Rob will have soundproofed the walls and turned it into his ultimate man cave of dreams™!

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