The New House – Our Finished Bedroom

Right, its about time that I shared a finished room on here!

I will start with our bedroom. We finished decorating this room back in June (I think?) and we currently have the 3rd bedroom/office, the hallway, the bathroom and the kitchen all about 90% done. What’s left in these rooms is the silly little finishing touches like hanging pictures up etc that we always seem to take ages to getting round to doing.

I had hoped to share more finished room tours on my blog before the end of the year, but somehow we seem to be running out of time!

As per usual, the lounge is turning into a bigger project than we anticipated (including accidental purple walls!) and we still have yet to start the second bedroom!

I promise I will eventually get round to blogging the rest of the house. In the mean time, thanks for your patience!

Below is how the bedroom looked like when we viewed the house back in January ’16. This is the estate agents photo.viewing b4 main bedroom

A nice bedroom with nothing wrong with it. Yet we still felt the urge to decorate it!!!

And below are three photos of how things looked when we first moved in.

We were expecting the previous owner to take the wardrobes and chest of drawers with them. But it turned out that they were built in units. Yes, we could have lived with them, but I am quite attached to our own walnut coloured bedroom furniture from our old house! One of my main requirements for any future home, when we were viewing properties, was that I could fit all of our bedroom furniture in to the main bedroom. I made Rob get out the tape measure in every property we viewed and all the poor estate agents heard the story about how I didn’t want to have to sell our wardrobes etc!

Within the first few weeks of living here, Rob carefully removed and dismantled the previous owners bedroom furniture and we gave away it to a friend. Then we set about recreating my old dining room in the bedroom!

We painted the walls white, carpeted the room, hung a new pole and curtains up, changed the light fitting to hang my lampshade that we brought with us from our old house (there was no way I was leaving that behind, as I knew our buyers would not appreciate its vintage, yellow, loveliness and would just throw it away!) and then we reassembled our furniture in the room.

After a few weeks of decorating fun and games, here are the results!

As you come into the room we have our Cocoa Eyes print and mirror.
Apologies for my (surprisingly flattering) 9 months pregnant reflection in the picture. I am a terrible photographer!


Ignore the creases in the bed covers. I never iron them. Or iron anything at all if I can help it!


Sorry for the darkness in this snap. Its included to try to give you all the 360 tour of the room. I cannot be bothered to learn how to balance light or actually use the camera properly!


2 thoughts on “The New House – Our Finished Bedroom

  1. TOTALLY with you about a) not being arsed to iron anything, and b) not being arsed to learn how my camera works. I drive Thomas mad moaning about dark photos but refusing to learn how to do anything to prevent it!

    Also, love the room! I’m so happy that glorious yellow lightshade found a home.

    1. Your a girl after my own heart with the ironing and photography malarky! Im a put it on auto, point, shoot and hope for the best type of picture taker. Im happy to let advances in technology improve my photography rather than make any effort with it!

      Cheers! My Ebay bargain was always coming with us, that and the cat, of course. Anything else I could live with out…..apart from me wardrobes, the bed, the pictures etc…..!!!! xx

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