The Ever Evolving Shelves Of Kitschen Glory #2

So I got my (fake) milk glass cake stand. I admired it. Took photos of it. Blogged about it. Thought about making a epic chocolate cake to display on it. But then stashed it away in a kitchen cupboard, only to come out again on special occasions.

No, I thought to myself, its far too pretty to be hidden away. So it was time to rearrange the ever evolving shelves of kitschen glory!

Before on 03/03/15 –kitchen shelves3.5 hours later on 03/03/15 –shelves afterPhew, is all I can say! I often try not to snigger when I see people describe themselves as stylists. I think how hard can it be to arrange a few nik-naks and hang a few decorations up? And people actually pay them money to do this?

But after hours of indecisiveness and faffing around, I finally settled on the current arrangement of vintage Pyrex goodness, kitschy animals, soup cans and knock off cake stand above. I am not 100% happy with the set up, but it will do for now. And most importantly, I will no longer be a mean girl rolling my eyes at stylists and now give them the respect they deserve!

8 thoughts on “The Ever Evolving Shelves Of Kitschen Glory #2

  1. They look ace! I love how the bright colours and white shelves pop against the blue walls (and I’m so in love with your colourful pyrex collection)

  2. Yes please! Show us all the pyrex 🙂 I am running out of space for any more so have to live vicariously through other people’s pictures! Also, what are you using to make the white bowl stand up high like that?

    1. My collection is quite small to be honest, due to lack of space and funds etc. Plus I am trying not to hoard and not become crazy Pyrex lady!

      I popped the bottom of a round tupperware container that I found in Ikea ages ago ( – this is similar) underneath and said a silent prayer. I saw someone do this on a blog somewhere and thought I must have a go! Now I really want to find the two smaller bowls and complete the set!

  3. Clever idea for stacking! Hope you find the remaining two bowls – I love to see people complete a set.

    I am already a bit of a crazy pyrex lady, at the moment I’m trying to build up a full set of the Chelsea pattern, and Gaiety for Christmas. But then I love lots of the other patterns and I don’t buy online, so I can’t resist when I happen across it in the wild.

    1. My collection is very mix and match, I just buy whatever is cheap!

      I did go through a spell of buying Pyrex on Ebay a few years back before the prices went crazy! Now I only buy stuff in the wild, which is few and far between as my local chazzas are rubbish and almost as expensive as online!

      Good luck with completing your sets! I would love to have a full Gaiety set for Xmas (even though I never host dinner at my house!) x

  4. LOVE the Pyrex dishes. And the animals!! I love kitsch, ‘granny’ stuff (which sounds cheeky but I don’t mean it!) and now I really want shelves in my kitchen so I can have a display like this 🙂

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