The Camper Vans New Upholstery

This time last year we had finished getting the camper van road worthy and were enjoying our first ever camping trip in it at Glastonbury 2013!

Wow, how time flies eh! Do you remember how excited and proud I was watching Rob learning to weld, designing and fitting the interior and sewing the curtains (made from a duvet cover that I bought in TK Maxx) with his own fair hand?

Fast forward one year later and as anyone who owns an older vehicle knows, the work is never done. There is always ongoing maintenance work and things that need improving on your to do list etc.

One of the top things on our list was to upholster the seating, and this weekend we managed to cross it off! When we ‘finished’ the van last year, we hastily drove off to Glasto with tatty, torn (original) front seats and bare foam on the buddy seat and back seat/bed covered up with various blankets. It was fine and a good temporary solution that served us well until Rob made the rest of the upholstery using my Nan’s old sewing machine.instavanIn the end Rob and I decided that it was best to get someone else to do the upholstery!

Last year we bought some brown vinyl material and foam from Dunelm and Rob had a go at making a cover for the buddy seat, but he threw it away because he was not happy with it.PicMonkey CollageI thought that he did a fine job and he would have managed to make the covers himself. But Rob is a busy, self employed man and a perfectionist.

Yes, we could have saved money doing it ourselves, but sometimes it is best to leave things to the professionals! In the long run it saves time and a lot of aggro. And now Rob can enjoy the van without looking at the upholstery thinking that he should have done X, Y and Z better (perfectionists eh!)

Tah-dah! Here is the new updated seating in our van! 1528650_760032127352678_6720388660924255227_nseating 2buddy seatrock n roll bedback

All photos of the new interior are from Vworks Upholstery Facebook page. I did ask Rob to take some proper ‘before’ photos of the interior BTW. If he did I will upload them on here later.

Right, next on the to do list is to get out there and do some camping* in the van and enjoy the summer! Can you believe that I have not camped in it this year! (Rob has at a few VW shows on his own, hence the dirty muddy floor that needs cleaning in some of the photos). I have been working six day weeks doing lots of overtime in my jobs. Hopefully I will have some weekends off again soon and we can get away! Whoop!

*Plus seat belts in the back, a new gearbox and redo all the suspension.

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