Tatties and Apps

So while the parents are hastily harvesting their allotment goodies before anymore sticky fingered, 5-a-day munching crims can pinch them, I currently have a glut of veg in my house. Its mostly potatoes and sweetcorn, no marrows this year TFFT – Does anyone have any good recipes involving six corn on the cob for 2 people? Im scratching my head on that one!

Luckily potatoes last ages (if the dirt on them is dry/cleaned off and they are stored in a cool dark place), and Rob and I have recently developed a taste for homemade potato cakes. Fried carb cakes FTW!

From this  – (please excuse the dodgy picture taken with my phone!) giant heapTo this
pot cakesI saved some left over mash from our dinner the night before and used this recipe halved. If I had known how easy potato cakes were to make, I would have stopped buying the pre made supermarket versions years ago! Plus I served them with fried eggs from our next-door neighbours free range back garden hens no less.

Unfortunately the value brand baked beans from Aldi are ruining my smug foodie-type moment here. Ah well!

From thisappsTo thisapp cakeWhy yes, its more cake!

We like cake in our house. We don’t care if they are made from potatoes or apples, as long as its CAKE!!!!
Technically the apples are from one of my parents allotment pals neighbouring plot. He has a well established bramley tree with more fruit than he can cope with (there are only so many apple crumbles he can manage apparently) and he told my parent to help themselves.

THEY HELPED THEMSELVES WITH HIS PERMISSION! Sorry, I just had to shout that out.

I found the recipe in a Macmillan coffee morning booklet from 2008, and I even managed to man up and deal with my irrational hatred of rubbing fat into breadcrumbs to make this cake. It was worth it.

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