Some Stuff I Baked Last Month

This post is really just an excuse to check in here. I have mentioned on here before about a thousand times, that I want to improve my photography. I guess in order to do so I should really start taking more pictures, so here is some stuff I baked earlier.

A fancy pizza recipe from here.

And malt loaf (we love us some Soreen and I wanted to try making some myself) recipe from here. Note (the edited to look overexposed – honest!) snaps taken with the cake still wrapped in baking paper and in a Roses sweets tin. Who says food styling is hard?

In other news I am a little bit annoyed that my menus have gone to the bottom of my page layout. I told Rob and he kindly took the time to explain how web pages and basic HTML work in great detail. Needless to say I zoned out and took none of it in. Basically what I can gather is that some code has pushed them out and it is something that’s easily fixed. My contribution to the conversation was a typical Helen moment “I bet it was that bloody unicorn poop that did it, that unicorn poop has ****** up my blog” Yup, I said that. And I sometimes wonder why I am not taken seriously!

Also Im off to the New Forest tomorrow for a week away with Rob, my parents, my sister, her partner and my two lovely nephews. Valuable family time doing what we do best, eating and drinking too much (when the boys are in bed of course). I cant wait!

I promise to try harder and to try to take a half decent snap of one of the most photogenic places in the UK………….and maybe read my cameras manual………..maybe……….

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