Southwold 2013

I previously mentioned that Rob and I had a camping trip planned this month. We planned to go to Cornwall in the camper van (which was not ready in time), or take the tent (the weather has been rubbish of late), with some friends of ours (who had to pull out unfortunately). So our best laid plans did not quite work out! Instead we made a last minute decision to book three nights away in a cottage three miles outside of Southwold in Suffolk.

We had a great time, Southwold is a lovely town full of deli’s, boutiques and fancy restaurants. It reminds me of Whitstable, but with a sandy beach, and is a lot smaller, posher and prettier (so not really much like Whitstable at all then!)

Anyhoo here are some snaps I took while on my holiday. I used my little bridge camera (I have been borrowing Rob’s DSLR to take the snaps for my blog recently – I don’t know if anyone can tell the difference in quality?) and I am going to talk you through them like some 70’s sitcom character who invites their friends around to an evening of cheese fondue, blue nun and a long, boring slide show of holiday photos in the living room. DSCF1882

Above. Southwold is famous for its brightly coloured beach huts. A bit like Whitstable! (OK I will shut up now!)
PierThe pier. It was copperCoppers thrown over the edge of the pier turned blue by the elements. As was I, brrr!
seafoamI like the composition of this photo. Its a shame the sea foam is out of focus.yellow loveI love the yellow line, the yellow beach huts and the random passer by’s yellow jacket. This photo turned out exactly how I planned it. Honestly *cough*.huts2Q What a girl to do when faced with lots of photogenic beach huts? A Take lots of snaps for her blog.huts 3huts4broadAbove. We walked along the start of the broads.DSCF1910Above. We came out of the pub and took more snaps of the beach huts in the evening light. Cue some dusky, grainy pictures.bugWe both turned into VW/photography geeks trying to get a nice photo of the bug by the sea in the evening.sunsetWe saw a beautiful sunset.sun hutI tried to get an arty shot. (And failed).pinkAbove. No picmonkey editing on the last 3 images, the colours are amazing!bug hutThe bug is such a poser. As are those beach huts. Shame it was night time!

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