Some Wall Art

Today I am going to share a small selection of the wall art we have chosen for our home. Finally it seems, I am getting into the swing of blogging about our house, which is what I intended this blog to be based on when I started it almost a year ago!

Let me start by saying that Rob and I are not ones for filling our wall space with framed photo’s of ourselves, as we both are very camera shy. We hate having our photo taken and cringe when we see images of ourselves tagged on Facebook. Come to think of it, we do not have that many mirrors in our home either. Nope, we definitely prefer to hang art on our walls instead of our seeing ugly mugs. Much more easy on the eye!

Click on image for source and more info.

In our lounge, hanging in pride of place, above our sofa is this print below by Airside. Rob bought me this for Xmas a couple of years’s ago, after I sent him a link (it benefits both of us to email gift orders to each other!) It then sat in a tube for a while, until we painted the lounge. Then we took it along to our local framing store to get a frame specially made for it. Framing pictures is pretty expensive business let me tell you! This print combines two passions for both of us – music and design. We were both fans of Lemonjelly’s music and packaging, back in the day.

Image from Artrepublic

Next, in our dining room I have a reproduction print of this image below. Now I love this print, I love all its kitschy ugliness, and again its a nod to my favourite era the 1950’s, coincidentally also when our house was built.

I did originally plan for our dining room to be just a black, white and yellow colour scheme, but  eventually I chose these curtains for it. In my mind the two products co-ordinate perfectly together and are made for each other!

I love the history behind the image too. Please click on this link to learn more about the artist who painted The Chinese Girl. Then on this link to read about the subject of the painting.

Image from John Lewis


And please do read this link to a great blog post about the art that adorned the walls of many a home in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.

Its funny that the blog post mentions Warhol, as patiently waiting in a cardboard tube, for me to spend a significant chunk of my wages on a frame for it, is a poster of this album cover, yet to be hung up in the dining room.

Is it a bit too much to have a huge yellow banana on your wall, a blue faced lady and dandelion clocks in the same room? Nah, more is more I say!

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