Some Festive Treats

I was spoilt rotten for Xmas this year. The boy did good, Rob got me exactly what I wanted – three lovely books!good books

Well it was a no brainer for him really, as the first two books I bought myself for cheaps in TK Maxx and then told him to pay me back! And the third mahoosive book at the bottom of the pile I asked him to get for me!

Ok, so lets forget the fact that I have just recently downsized my cookery book collection. So much for my new minimal approach to cooking, opps! There will always be room for another book by Jane Hornby as I love her recipes and the design concept in her books.

The Retro Furniture Classics is another book about my favourite subject to geek out on. And as for the Mid Century Modern Complete, well lets just say that I did not think another book could manage to surpass the wonderfulness of last Xmas’s present Orla Keily’s book Home, but I think this book has!

It is a beautifully laid out book with great photos on everything possible subject from the era. I love the chapter with the house tours and the cover designed by Jenn Ski. And its going to take me blooming ages to read – yay!

So now its time for a little festive treat for my blog readers. If you want a chuckle and then to think WTF how did she manage that? Then watch this video of me falling off my bike at Bedgebury Park last weekend!

Rob has recently treated himself to a sports camera thingy (basically a cheaper version of a GoPro) and managed to record my eldest nephew and himself falling off their bikes on the red route (a totally respectable thing to do – even the pros do it) and then me somehow managing to fall off my bike at the end of the family trail (totally not respectable) just before the car park. Don’t ask!

Its my nephews little hahahahahah laugh at the end of the clip that cracks me up!

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