Some Background Knowledge

I have not really gone into any great detail about my current house and my story. Since this blog is to be a record of our decorating adventures, I think a little back story about the house of Hel is needed for my readers.

Well Rob and I have been a couple for over ten years now. When I met him I was living with my parents and he shared a house with two of his best mates which I more or less moved into. We eventually decided to get our own pad, and when I told my parents that I was finally moving out they cried with joy (literally! – But I like to think it was through pride that their little girl was all grown up, not because they were pleased to get rid of me!).

So we both quit smoking and started saving up for a deposit and furniture etc. Then the hunt began for our very own love nest to rent, not an easy feat in my part of Kent for two young’uns on a budget. We settled on a little two bed new build house that was just 6 months old, as it was the cleanest and most hygienic property that we saw and it came with all of the white goods etc.

Our first pad was fine, if a little bit on the small side. But that was the problem, it was just fine. It never really felt like home to me and as we were renting we could not make make it ours by putting up shelves or hanging pictures (this was in our contract). I also found it strange living in a boxy new build, having always lived in older properties with plenty of character and higher ceilings. The house was located on a brand new estate which I found a little creepy in the fact that the estate, which was built in the grounds of a former mental institution, had no birds singing in the trees and it was far too quiet for me. I had grown up with the M20 in earshot and was subconsciously used to a little background noise! After six months renting we decided to make a proper commitment to each other and look for somewhere to buy.

We started looking for a property in our home town but all we could afford in our price range was grotty one bedroom dodgy flats with huge holes in the kitchen wall, or too cramped flats with cupboards for kitchens and no central heating, or a two bed maisonette which stank of wee, and all in dodgy areas. Fun times! Soon we admitted defeat and realised we would have to make a huge Phil and Kirsty style compromise, so we started looking in a cheaper, less desirable location namely Chatham, Kent. A place sometimes affectionately called “the armpit of Kent” and famous for being the birthplace of the chav.

We did indeed find a lovely two bedroom terrace house and managed to get on the property ladder back in May 2005.

More adventures to come in part two and maybe a house tour of our last house!

Plus here is a little musical tribute to Medway from The Pogues.


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