A Sneek Peek

I have not really got the hang of blogging about the fixing up of our house it seems. I have not yet posted any pictures, or any posts at all about the progress that we have made so far!

In creating Using My Loaf I am starting to really enjoy the creative writing side of things. I have not put pen to paper (figuratively speaking) since I left school many moons ago to work in various retail roles for my career so far (ha if you can call it that!) I got two B grade GCSE’s for English by the way, although you would not know it from reading this blog! Plus I guess I just like the sound of my own (blogging) voice!

Taken by Rob on his iPhone

Here is a glimpse of our kitchen in the middle of the “during” phase in fitting our new kitchen. This small snap does not show the frightening amount of work that the kitchen still needs, nor does it show how long it is going to take!

What I can tell you is that after ripping off all the old yucky floor to ceiling tiles, poor Rob has spent two whole weekends scraping the walls to prepare them for plastering. He has also ripped up four old layers of lino and floor tiles, and now our house stinks to high heaven as there was stale water between one of the layers! We have two full giant hippo bags on our driveway with more rubbish yet to get rid of. And my dining room, spare bedroom and hallway are now filled with the various contents of my kitchen and will be for sometime yet! Plus all of the house from top to bottom is covered in a thick layer of dust which as much as you try to clean up and polish away will always return a day later.

Phew! It feels good to share!

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