Sneek Halloween Peek – Dining Room

I was doing a little housework this morning (please emphasise the little part!) when I thought I saw a photo opportunity in my dining room, as I thought it was looking nice and bright and sunny, for late October anyway! And I mentioned in my last post how I daydream about decorating my house for Halloween, well here are some very dark photos of my half arsed efforts this year!

All I did was tie some plastic Poundland bunting to the curtain rail and plonk a bowl of sweets on the table ready for the trick or treaters. Talking of which, I do genuinely  like seeing the local kids in their costumes, its cute! But after the tenth or so time Rob and I get fed up keep getting up to answer the door and we are all “you go”, “no you go”, “I did it last time” etc!

Anyhoo, here is a sneek peek into my as yet unfinished dining room.

The walls are painted white and the room has big patio doors (please ignore the weeds on the patio!) so it is a nice bright room – honest! I bought the round extending table on Ebay for £10 not long after we moved here as our previous Argos table fell apart. It was fun collecting it and strapping to the roof of the Beetle! I also got the vintage yellow lampshade and the cheap reproduction Eames chairs from Ebay.

I did intend to keep the colour scheme for this room as black white and yellow, but I could not find any fabric or curtains I liked in that colourway, so I selected these and have not regretted it. They fit in with the period of the house (50’s) and I never tire of the pattern.

We still have a few DIY chores left to finish this room. Mainly hanging some prints and carpeting the room. As you can see, we currently have horrible grey-black paint splattered concrete floors!

Never mind! I just wanted to take a few snap’s and introduce my house on here, as after all I did intend this blog to be a record of my decorating adventures. Give me time readers, all good things come to those who wait, if you want a nosey!

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