Slow Cooking Sunday – Ham In Coke

Right, this recipe is as simple as they come. It uses just two ingredients to produce some slightly odd but very tasty results, so I am told.

In our house I make this as sandwich meat for Rob’s packed lunches, it’s more economical than buying packs of sweaty wafer thin ham or at least it would be if I could stop Rob from helping himself to thick slices cut straight from the fridge as a snack!

If you use a search engine to look up recipes for slow cooker ham in coke, you will see a lot of recipes that say rub this in, then finish in the oven, boil down the juices etc, which I am sure all taste great. But I don’t see the point of using the slow cooker if it is just for one stage of the cooking process and will create more washing up. Basically I have adapted this recipe to the easiest possible method/lazy girls way!


A cut of ham or gammon, make it a unsmoked one
A bottle of coke, make it a full fat one. The sweeteners in diet drinks will not work.


Unwrap the meat, put it into the slow cooker.
Pour the coke into your slow cooker until your meat is fully covered.
Drink the rest of the coke.
Switch slow cooker on to low then cook for 8hours minimum. NB I tend to cook this overnight. This time I forgot to set my alarm properly, so it ended up cooking for nearly twelve hours, but it was fine. The only problem was that it tasted slightly of cheap coke, so I would recommend to not be a cheap skate like me and buy the branded stuff that a jolly father xmas drinks or otherwise know as the devils teat juice.
Pour away your cooking juices and leave to cool and slice.

Its hard to make a photo of a lump of meat look appealing!
I apologise to any veggies out there for the gratuitous meat shots!

Yeah, you have probably gathered that I do not eat this, I make it out of love for Rob as boiled bacon is one of his fave things, but I do not want to stink out the whole house making it. I have also made this with Dr Pepper (verdict – v.good) and have been asked to try it next with Cherry Coke. This ham could also be made with ginger ale, lemonade or just plain water!

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