Settling In Almost Three Months In

Some friends from Kent were on holiday in Weston-super-Mare recently, so we met up with them for lunch in Minehead (about halfway between W-S-M and where we live) and they asked us how are we settling in and does our new area feel like home yet?

To be honest, neither Rob or I have given it much thought and our answers were something along the lines of “fine” and “yes, pretty much”!

So I thought that I would write a blog post to process my thoughts on the subject of settling in. This is going to be quite a short and sweet post, as we have just moved and got on with our lives as before really!

The biggest change is that we both no longer have our families close by. Mine are on the Isle of Wight and Robs parents are still back in Kent (his sister and her family live abroad). Again, this is something that I have tried not to dwell on, because if I thought about it too hard, I would get down in the dumps and miss them so badly! The fact of the matter is that if we stayed living in our home town, I would still be missing them as well. In fact, I think that I would miss them even more, because my surroundings would trigger nostalgic memories left, right and centre reminding me that they are not living here anymore. Plus I would miss all the silly little things like bumping into them in the supermarket or them beeping at me driving past me etc.

Since moving in May, I have visited the family once and my parents have been to visit us. We are planning our next visit to the island in October and we call and Facetime all the time so its not too bad. Im just happy that they are happy in their new homes and are all settled in.

As for missing our friends, again we have not really noticed much difference in our social lives since moving. Most of our closest, oldest Kent friends have young children and busy lives, or had moved away, so we only saw them every few months. Most of our communicating was done through social media. No one calls or texts anymore! As much as I hate Facebook, it is a good way of keeping up on the general goings on in peoples lives, so we still feel like we know what they are up to and kept in the loop! Its all good and nothing has changed with that side of things really.

Our Kent friends who we met up with asked if we have made any new friends yet. I said “nope!” This is something that we need to work on. We chat to and get along with our new neighbours and I get along with my new work colleagues, but they are not people who we going to socialise with. We plan to join a local VW club soon, so that we can meet some new acquaintances to have a drink and a chat with, and hopefully go camping with at VW events in the future. If not, then the Kent VW lot have plans to camp down our way so we will see them again soon and we are now much closer to our friends in Cornwall who we are visiting this weekend. So we are not complete hermits, honest!

Its strange really, but on the whole moving thing has not been that big a deal to us. Things are still the same down here really, we still need to work to pay our bills (Rob is still just as busy, I am still working weekends in a same-but-different-crappy-minimum-wage-retail job), we are busy decorating in our spare time, shopping in the same old chain store DIY shops and supermarkets, and when you chat to people down here they have the same kind of lives and problems that people back home had. I do miss H&M and Tiger stores for browsing around at pretty things and there are no cheap and cheerful cafes and pubs around here for slap up lunches and meals (the downside of living in a touristy area!) The difference is that we love our new house and its a lot greener and prettier down here so when we do get a chance to go somewhere for a day trip we get to go to places like this!

This makes our move 100% worth it!

2 thoughts on “Settling In Almost Three Months In

  1. This was really interesting to read. As I’m sure I’ve discussed in your comments section before, I have been keen to leave Leicester for a few years now but something always holds me back. I suspect, though, that we’d be similar to you and Rob and that if/when we do make a move, life will continue pretty much as normal. I in particular am spectacularly bad at socialising with anyone apart from Thomas (partly due to my local friends mostly having kids now and partly due to my own miserable, hate-leaving-the-house nature) so I think it would just be business as usual, except in a new and exciting place. Which, when I put it like that, makes it so much more tempting! Now if only I could figure out a way to do my job remotely…

    1. Haha I have the same miserable, hate-leaving-the-house nature! I am terrible at socialising too! Its always nice to meet new people but when you get to our age making new lifelong friends is really hard! I guess it would help if I left the house more and made an effort to be nice!!!

      Do it Janet, if you want to move, try to find a way to do so. After all life is short and you only get one shot at it. You can always go back to Leicester again if it doesn’t work out! There are always compromises to be made when you make big changes and lifes problems cannot be run away from, but if you have Thomas and Missy with you things will always be good where ever you are living. xx

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