Say Sausages

Rob and I went to a local farmers market last Sunday and had a very nice breakfast bap containing some tasty free range sausages.

The lady who ran the stall was very nice, she invited us to visit their farm in Meopham, Kent. So we took a drive and went to see the surviving relatives of the yummy sausages.

Maybe its best to sample the meat before visiting if you are a little sensitive and coo-coo over baby animals, and are an aspiring veggie who lives with a dedicated carnivore who believes he gets weak if he does not eat enough meat and is a fan of blue steaks! Hmm!

But as my mum says – you do not mind eating meat from ethically reared happy animals and these were very happy pigs with plenty of outdoor space.

I took my camera to take lots of badly composed snaps on the auto setting! Enjoy!

And finally the end product. Yes we bought some chilli sausages in the shop. It was rude not too.

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