Ruddy Rain!

Oh dear. The camper van has a leak.

It seems the back of the van is not water tight. It looks like either the window or back door’s rubber seal is faulty. While we were away in Cyprus it peed down constantly (so we were told), plus it has been pretty wet and grim weather-wise since we have got back, so consequently the leak has caused quite a lot of damage. Please see the pictures below (all were taken by Rob with his iPhone). rain dam 1rain dam 2van dam 3van dam 4 van dam 5

It looks bad, but its fixable. Its just a case of a little time and effort. We need to wash some blankets, dry some foam and replace some MDF on the bed frame, which according to Rob, is not too expensive. Thankfully the carpet seems dry and mould free.

This is not a post fishing for sympathy etc, I just like to keep things real on here and show that owning an almost 30 year old vintage vehicle involves constant maintenance and repairs. Its not all festivals, cider and crochet blankets. Unfortunately.

But we would not change things for the world, we love our vintage vehicles (we also own a 1972 Beetle). Over the years we have had so many people tell us to get rid of the bug and buy a sensible modern car.

What? A modern car with electric windows, air conditioning, seatbelts in the back and a working radio? Nah, its more fun being driven around in a noisy car, being thrown about going over speed bumps (we sing this song when we go over the bumps!) and having small children point, smile and wave at you when you drive past!

We have driven 1000’s of miles in the bug with out any problems and plan to do the same in the camper van. I would not change our vehicles for the world, they might not be perfect (or 100% reliable) but for whatever modcons they lack, they make up in spirit. These are vintage vehicles with character and history, kept away from the scrapheap with love and dedication by their owners. You can keep your high purchase, expensive to service, boring brand new cars, I like my cars noisy, rattly and with added rust thank you!

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