Rob’s Birthday Gift

The end of June brings Rob’s birthday. This year for his main gift I bought him tickets to Indie Tracks (yey!) and a SodaSteam Genesis machine.

RRP £60. Bought by me for £45 in Robert Dyas. Money well spent I hope!

Now I am not a huge lover of fizzy drinks, but Rob can easily guzzle down a 2ltr bottle per day of whatever we have in the fridge (Dr Pepper is his fave).

This is all very well and good but I have been increasingly unhappy about the amount he drinks and the amount of bottles we end up recycling.

I have only got the power to change one of those things. My goal is to reduce, reuse and recycle, so if buying this means that the amount of plastic in my green recycling wheelie bin goes down. Then I will be a happy girl!


Image from The anti room. I think this is how my parents 80’s one looked!

I can just about remember when I was a kid in the early eighties my parents had a SodaStream in their kitchen as they were all the rage back in those days. Recently they have become more popular again, as people get more concerned about the huge eco-footprint caused by the manufacture, transport, waste and recycling of plastic bottles.

I hope we (mainly Rob) will get many years of fun from our new SodaSteam. I personally cant wait to have sparkling water at the push of a button! And you don’t have to just use the SodaStream syrup’s. We can use any cordial we have to hand. I cant wait to have a fizzy Bottle Green elderflower drink!

But the thing that sold this product to me was that there is a slimline tonic syrup. So when we have our G&T’s we never have to worry about running out of tonic water! Yey!

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