Pyrex 2001 Casserole Bowls

In my three years of blogging I have talked about my love of vintage Pyrex on here occasionally. And there always seems to be a parallel, the more that I think and blog about Pyrex, the more I want all the Pyrex!

In the last year or so I have been trying to cool down my collecting and buying stuff that I don’t need in general (no I haven’t read this book). So hence the lack of Pyrex and vintage posts on here. But for the next few posts I am going to go full steam ahead and talk about my favourite obsession and try not to let this happen in my kitchen!

I mentioned in a comment in my last post that a couple of years ago I bought a lot of Pyrex online, and the Pyrex that I am sharing today was bought from Ebay. Some might call that cheating. I just wanted a nice collection to display in my kitchen quickly and cheaply. I never pay above £10 (inc postage) for a piece and the two dishes I am blogging about today were well below that sum. If you are patient and lucky you might still be able to snap up vintage Pyrex for around that figure, but I have found in the last few years that more and more people are collecting Pyrex, and the prices have shot up considerably both in charity shops and online (sob).

I also wanted to buy some pieces that if I ever went off of Pyrex (heaven forbid), I could sell on and not lose money. So I made a point of buying the 2001 casserole bowls as an investment.

And because they are pretty of course!

I do love bold colours and graphic prints and the 2001 dishes appeal to me because of this. Unfortunately, because the pattern is on the top of the lid I have not figured out a way to display them on my shelves. Doh!double pyrex

The Pyrex 2001 dishes were launched around 1970 in two different colours, with a wooden stand and with a guarantee until December 2001 that they would not wear out. I guess the new millennium sounded far off and futuristic in the 70’s! And indeed back then, a lot of people thought that the 2001 Pyrex dishes might end up as collectors items, because its quite easy to find them still in their original boxes and unused fairly cheap online. So much for my investment!

My orange 2001 dish came with its original box (sorry not pictured, its up in the loft) and a wooden stand and is in mint pyrexMy teal 2001 has a few small marks on it, but I am happy to have it to own the pair.teal pyrexI think they look rather cool together with their retro flower power graphics and seventies colours.stacked pyrexnice pyrex

3 thoughts on “Pyrex 2001 Casserole Bowls

  1. Fab pieces, love those colours! Are they the only JAJ pyrex with a patterned lid?

    I don’t think buying online is cheating, it’s no different to paying reseller prices at a vintage market really & plenty of folks do that. I don’t buy online because postage from the UK to Ireland is too expensive. I browse an Irish site sometimes though and would be so tempted by this if I could justify the cost!

    I don’t think the demand for pyrex is big here yet so prices are still low enough, however finding any is rare! I did recently find the largest aqua gooseberry cinderella for €11 which I thought was very dear but of course bought!

    I love that guy’s flickr stream although I couldn’t imagine have that much of anything!

    1. Sorry, I have only just checked my blog and seen your comment! (Thank you for taking the time to read my lil ol’ blog and comment BTW!)

      I think they are the only JAJ’s with a patterned lids, now that you have pointed that out. That makes me like them even more now!

      I managed to rein in my Ebay habit a while ago, before it got out of hand and I bankrupted myself! I do still browse and watch pieces from time to time, and to be honest, the current prices are what’s really stopping me from buying any more Pyrex on there. I was watching a set of the four aqua gooseberry bowls that sold for over £200 recently, so well done on your 11 euro find!

      I know what you mean about the slow supplies in chazzas etc. Its the same around my way too. We have to be patient, I suppose!

      I say treat yourself to the B+W Pyrex! I always regret the Pyrex that gets away. I left behind a June Rose casserole bowl with lid and stand for £5.99 (as I am not super keen on the pattern TBH) in my local PDSA the other day. And now I am kicking myself!

      1. Oh I hate The Regret! I walked away from a nest of 3 G-Plan Quadrille tables yesterday. They were €80 and I just can’t afford that right now but I have been thinking about them ever since!
        If you don’t like the pattern though it sounds like you made the right choice, hopefully something you like more will turn up v soon 🙂

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