Put a Bird On It

Disclaimer – please don’t roll your eyes and think “not another bloody Portlandia/PABOI post, Helen’s a bit late to come to the party” etc. This post is really for the benefit of all the oldies in my family who read my blog to explain why we say PABOI (shout out to my Mum!)

A year or so ago the internets were ablaze with the words “put a bird on it” thanks to this sketch from the American TV show Portlandia which makes fun of hipster types.

This show is to blame for Rob and I uttering the phrase every time we see something bird themed, which is a lot when you start to notice it!  Also this clip from the show is why we call every free-range/organic/expensive chicken out there Colin!

Getting to the point of my blog post – I love the Eames designs (so does Ice T) and I would love one of their birds to put on a mantel like Anna from Door Sixteen.  Just so I could say “put a bird on it” every time I walked past it.

Photo by Anna Dorfman, Door Sixteen

Eames birds a a little on the pricey side though, so I was happy to spot this wooden copy in BHS for £10.  I snapped it up on a 20% off special shopping event promotion day too!

Our “put a bird on it” knick-knack!

Unfortunately I do not have a mantelpiece over the fire in our lounge, as we decided it would look better without one.  So my “put a bird on it” lives on the TV stand next to a plant, much to our pet cat Poppy’s annoyance.  Seriously, she has tried to hunt this wooden bird twice now, bless her!

The bird that torments Poppy!